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The ultimate comfort for Honeycomb shades operation.

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Operates with a simple pull cord that can be locked in any position desired.

Keeping your options open with these flexible shades that operate from either top or bottom. You choose your level of privacy!.  

Superior functionality. These shades lift and lower with ease, using just your fingertips.

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Beautiful combination of a sheer pleated shade on top and honeycomb or 2” Hybrid pleat shade on the bottom provides maximum versatility in a single window covering.  
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Honeycomb Shades

Available Options:


Continuous Loop & Pull Cord


Cordless Lift

TriLight Shades

See more of our Honeycomb Shades on our Gallery page




Innovative design allows choice of honeycomb or 2” Hybrid Pleat shade fabric for the front shade and a back liner roller shade to achieve total flexibility when controlling light and privacy.

Also known as Vertiglide, this option allows to create a Honeycomb vertical sliding window covering ideal for sliding and french doors.

Tandem Shades

Vertical Application


This easy to operate system holds shades in place. Perfect for skylights and other windows beyond reach

Stationary, fan-fold perfect or irregular arches, top-down elliptical or perfect arches…This is the definitive solution for arch-shaped windows, very common in South Florida homes


2” Hybrid Pleats

NEW for 2016! Features large pleat design available in 18 semi-opaque and 9 blackout colors. Operates either cordless, continuous cord or motorized.